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Musical Selections ~ Hiatus 2019

Image 6-13-19 at 10.49 AM.jpg

Hello, Songbirds,

It is that time of year during which we count on your voices to fill our sanctuary with beautiful music. Selections can be performed by a solo, duo, trio, etc.

Attached you will find a self-explanatory google doc for you to fill out, detailing when and what. As usual, I am available to you to provide any and all types of assistance. This includes help selecting the music, rehearsing it with you, etc.

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to this experience so much!




Worship Planner: June and Summer

Thank You message with a red heart with heart shaped lights

Dear Songbirds,

I first want to thank you all for the amazing job you have done all year long. However, it is your love, espirit de corps, and camaraderie, which made us grow closer to God and to each other. A special thank you also goes to Alyssa and Luis, our guiding governance. We served OLUMC well, friends!

Upcoming hymns are (confirmed):

A Healing Stream – S. Phifer
I’ll fly away medley – arr. M. Hayes
Va Pensiero – G. Verdi

I am enclosing a link to our re-vamped library list, which, as we discussed, will be of use to you for solo/group selections during our Summer hiatus.

Updated Library List

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!


Updates – Week of April 21st through 28th, 2019

Dear Songbirds:

As posted on Facebook, we will be having the day off today, Wednesday. I will be there of course, for anyone who wants to work with me one-on-one on next Sunday’s anthem, 10000 Reasons.

Download PDF here


On Sunday, we will begin rehearsing at 9:30 with the understanding that some of you will be at the Grow class.

Secondly, I managed to re-master the sound for Ramirez, and I think it is quite impressive!

Here it is!

Adios, mis amigos!


Important details


Hello, Songbirds:

Once again, thank you to those who came to rehearsal last night. It was wonderful!

Bullet points for our busy week:

  • Rehearsals/warm-ups for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are at 6:00. Please make a special effort to be in your chair, ready to sing, at 6:00.
  • Saturday Dress Rehearsal: to be completely transparent, I scheduled the call time at 2:00 PM. However, I will be running strings only for about 30 minutes. My recommendation is that you take advantage of listening to what we will all sound like together, as well as reviewing your part softly as we go along. Please be reminded that this rehearsal is mandatory.
  • Sunday soundcheck: please be in your seats, ready to sing by 10:00 as we have so very little time to adjust and get ready.

Did I tell you how sensational and inspirational I believe we will be? This Easter promises to be anthological! Let’s make it so. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Questions, problems, car broke down, etc. We understand! Just let us know 🙂